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1. What is the Temporary Employment Agency?

Registered in the Provincial arrange the Labour Employment Agency provides services to employers in hiring workers to their referral to the employer’s.


2. Who is the employer user?

Employer User is an entity to which the Employment Agency addressed a Temporary Worker. Temporary worker performs his work, but is employed (signs a contract) with the Agency for Employment.


3. What is a Temporary Worker?

Temporary Worker is a person who performs work for and under the direction of an employer’s but is employed by the Employment Agency solely for Temporary Employment.


4. What powers a Temporary Worker?

Permissions temporary worker lays down the right to equal treatment in working conditions and other conditions of employment to workers employed by that employer,

the right to access to training raising professional qualifications if he carries out work for the user employer for a period longer than six weeks,

the right to annual leave of two days per month to remain available to the user one employer or more than one user employer – leave shall not be granted for period for which employee used with the previous employer leave entitlement under special regulations,

the right to use the social facilities of the user employer on the terms stipulated for employees employed by the user employer.

right to damages for breach of the principle of equal treatment by the user employer.


5. What are the duties of the Temporary Worker?

The temporary employee performing temporary work is analogous obligations as other employees working at the employer’s. It is namely obliged to do their work conscientiously and carefully, and follow the instructions of their superiors, which relate to work, if they are not contrary to law or the contract of employment. The employee shall, in particular, to observe:

working time laid down in the workplace,

work regulations and established in the workplace right,

rules and principles of occupational health and safety and fire regulations.

secrecy specified in separate legislation than the Labour Code,

rules of social conduct in force in the workplace of the employer and the employer’s.


6. What is a temporary work?

Temporary work is an employment relationship between three entities: Temporary Worker, Employer User and Temporary Employment Agency. Working in this system lies in the fact that the employee is formally employed by the temporary work agency and its duties and work performed with the Employer’s (Client Temporary Employment Agency).


7. What should specify the contract concluded between the Employee and Temporary Employment Agency?

Employment contract concluded between temporary work agency and a temporary employee shall specify:

  • parties to the contract,
  • type of contract,
  • the date of conclusion of the contract
  • indicate the employer’s
  • indicate a set period of performing for the temporary work

employment conditions of temporary employee in period of performing work for employer-user, in particular remuneration for work and the time and manner of paying the remuneration by temporary work agency.


8. What is the period of denunciations fixed-term contracts concluded with the Temporary Employment Agency?

The employment contract for a definite period the parties may be possible early termination of the contract by each party:

  • for the day of notice, when an employment contract was concluded for a period not exceeding two weeks.
  • for the week of notice, when an employment contract was concluded for a period longer than 2 weeks.


9. What is the employee leasing?

The essence of employee leasing is to take over the duties of recruitment and service personnel workers by temporary employment agencies. This solution allows companies to adjust employment levels to the current situation on the market, without the expense associated with maintaining permanent staff. This frees companies from having to carry cumbersome personal documentation (payroll, billing with the relevant authorities, safety training, etc.) And improves the functioning of human resources departments.


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